Activate consent check boxes for GDPR-friendly forms.

If you run a business we recommended to obtain freely given consent from your contacts and be able to clearly explain how you plan to use their personal data. Our optional, GDPR-friendly forms can include checkboxes for opt-in consent and an editable Privacy Policy page that explains how and why you are using data that you are receiving through offers and inquiries on your domains.

Privacy Policy page. 

To create your own, personalized privacy policy page you navigate to Settings > Privacy where you can now write your privacy policy.  If you don’t have any experience drafting a privacy policy we can recommend you get some help from this nifty privacy policy generator offered by Shopify which has been updated to include the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Once saved, a link to your privacy policy will automatically be added to the footer of your marketplace site (if you are using that feature).

Active consent checkbox.

Once you have your privacy policy written you check the “Request Consent” box. This will place an active consent checkbox on all your Make Offer forms on both your marketplace as well as your individual For-Sale landing pages. Within your Efty account, you will now also be able to easily see which contact has given you consent to store their data.