Add a Mailchimp Subscriber pop-up to your marketplace.

Start capturing email addresses and build an email list of potential buyers that visit your marketplace with Mailchimp. To get started, sign into your existing Mailchimp account or sign up for a free account here.

Once you are signed into your account you navigate to Campaigns and click “Create Campaign”

Next up, click “Signup Form”

In the next screen, make sure to select “Pop-up Form” – this is important as only the pop-up forms are supported on Efty.

In the next screen, you can customize the text, colors, position and much more of your popup. Once you’re satisfied you click on the blue “Generate code” button in the right-hand corner.

Now you copy the generated code


And then navigate back to the Settings > Marketplace page in your Efty account where you paste the code into the field that says ” Mailchimp integration”

Click Save and you’re all set!