Change which domain names are listed on your homepage.

Once you have successfully set up your domain name marketplace you will notice that the nine most recently added domain names are being featured on your site’s homepage. You can change which domain names are being displayed by selecting domain names from your portfolio and mark them as “Premium”.  To do this for a domain name you search and open the domain name in your Efty account and click the Edit button.

Now click the Marketing tab of the domain name and check the “Premium” checkbox. This will place the domain name on the homesite of your marketplace. You can feature as many domain names on the homepage of your marketplace as you like. We recommend featuring a minimum of at least 3 domain names.

Premium domain names are being displayed in the order of when you added them to your Efty account with the most recent domain name showing first. If you want to re-arrange the order in which they are being shown you go to Settings > Premium Domains where you can drag and drop your premium domains and change the order.