Customize your marketplace.

Once you have successfully set-up your marketplace on your own domain name you can start by customizing the design and look and feel to make your site unique to your business. To start customizing your marketplace you first navigate to Settings > Marketplace.

Here you can change and/or customize the following elements:

  • Hide or Show your contact details.
  • Activate SSL and decide if you want to redirect your site to the or version of the domain (Growth and Pro feature)
  • Upload a custom favicon (Pro feature)
  • Show an alternative email address (instead of the email address you’re using to login to Efty).
  • Change the marketplace theme (we currently have four different themes for you to choose from)
  • Add your Google Analytics tracking ID (click here to set-up your Google Analytics).
  • Change the domain name listing style (Tables or Tiles).
  • Change the default domain order from chronologically to alphabetically
  • Write a custom header text.
  • Write a custom intro text.
  • Write a meta description.
  • Write an “About us” page.
  • Shorten prices, ie $3.5k instead of $3,495
  • Choose to show or hide an Inquiry form underneath your BIN (Buy-It-Now) domains.
  • Upload your own background image.
  • Change the button and hyperlink color.
  • Change the text color.