Display domain name categories on your homepage.

To display up to 10 domain name categories on your marketplace its homepage you will need to assign categories to your domain names first.  Efty will then automatically display category links on the homepage of your marketplace. The category that includes the largest number of domain names will be displayed first. To assign a category to an individual domain name you search and open the domain name in your Efty account and click the Edit button.

Now, click the Marketing tab of the domain name and select the relevant category for the domain name from the drop-down menu.

Do not forget to save your newly created changes.

If you want to assign a category for multiple domain names at once you can do so for up to 100 domain names at once from the Domains overview in your account. Here you can select up to a 100 domains names and then click the Edit Selection button on the top of the grid.

Select the “Bulk edit” option in the popups screen next:

Now you can edit a variety of settings for your domains, including the category. To copy a value to all the other domain names in the selection you click on the small “copy” on the right-hand side of the input field.

Don’t forget to click the green Process button at the bottom of the page to save all your newly made changes.