Add your domains to Efty via Reverse Whois.

After signing up for Efty you will be given the option to import your domains via a reverse whois lookup. You can input all your email addresses that are associated with your domains and then continue to click the green Send confirmation button.



Check your email and look for a “Verify your email address” email from Efty. Open it and click the link to verify your email address.


After clicking the confirmation link or button in the verification email you are taken back to the Efty application. Now click the green Continue button.

reverse-whois-import-4Efty will now show you all the domains we’ve found that are registered under the email addresses you have confirmed. You can uncheck any domains that you do not own anymore and don’t want to import into your Efty account before you click on Next step.


Next up you can give Efty some of your preferences for Date format, currency and set a default renewal fee. Don’t worry, you can skip these and do this later as well if you prefer.


Congrats you’re done. You can now watch an introduction video in which Michael Cyger shows you around some of Efty features or you can start using Efty right away. Please note that it might take a few minutes before Efty pulls in the whois data for all your domains.