Instant Edit

The Instant edit feature allows you to instantly edit the content for each element you see on your mock-up. To use this feature, you first click the Pencil icon in the bottom left corner of your mock-up, then click the element you wish to edit.

Clicking the element will open a popup with two tabs, one for editing the content and another for adding CSS. In the content tab, you can edit the text, and the format of the text, add hyperlinks, change the text’s color, and use shortcodes, which is how Smart Landers will add dynamic content.

Once you have made changes, don’t forget to Save by clicking the green button and refresh the page to see your updated mock-up.

Hiding an element.

If you wish to hide an element, click it and then toggle the Hide button so it will turn blue and then Save. If you wish to undo this action, you can always find the hidden element by clicking the Instant Edit button again on your mock-up. Click it, toggle the Hide button so it will turn grey, and click Save to show the element on your mock-up again.