Set Buy-It-Now prices on your listings.

Efty allows you to display BIN (Buy-It-Now) buttons on your domains. To get started with BIN buttons you first need to set-up integrations with your preferred payment partner. Currently, the marketplace supports integrations with (Escrow Pay) and DAN.COM

Click here for our integration tutorial.
Click here for our DAN.COM integration tutorial.

Once you have successfully linked your Efty account to your preferred payment provider(s) you can start to set BIN prices for domain names in your portfolio.

To do this for an individual domain name you search and open the domain name in your Efty account and click the Edit button. Now you click on the Marketing tab of the domain name. Here you can set a BIN price for your domain name.

Do not forget to save your newly created changes.

If you wish to add or edit Buy-It-Now prices for your entire portfolio at once you can use our bulk import and update tool.