Setting up integration.

Efty’s deep integration with enables you to place a Buy It Now (BIN) button on your For-Sale landing pages, which will allow interested buyers to purchase your domain via

Market research has shown that Buy It Now domains are three times more likely to sell than domains soliciting offers. By setting BIN prices on your domains you eliminate potentially lengthy negotiations while creating a sense of urgency for buyers.

To get started with integrating BIN buttons on your landing pages, follow these easy steps:

1.      Go to Settings > Integrations and add your username (the email address you use to login to your account)

2.      Go to Settings > Preferences and update your settings (such as the inspection period and party responsible for paying the Escrow fee)

3.      Add a BIN price to a specific domain (from the domain edit mode) and hit Save.

Once saved, the BIN button will be visible on your For-Sale landing page and/or your marketplace.

Once a buyer completes the BIN form for your domain, they will be sent a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete their account and agree to the transaction terms. Meanwhile, you (the seller) will also receive an email from confirming the terms of the transaction. Efty will also send you an email with the buyer’s information immediately after the buyer hits the BIN button in case the buyer doesn’t complete the first steps of the process and you need to reach out to help guide the buyer through it.