Setting up your domain name marketplace

Every Efty account includes a domain name marketplace, making it easy for your customers to view and purchase your domains. You never have to worry about updating the software, worrying about security holes, or code breaking. We take care of all of it for you.

Here’s how to setup your new marketplace:

  1. Click the “Efty Market” top menu item.
  2. Click the “Set custom domain” link.
  3. Enter the domain name you want to use for your marketplace. Click “Save.”
  4. Sign into your registrar and make sure the Nameservers for your domain name are set to the default of the registrar.
  5. Update your domain name DNS to point your A record to
    Refer to your registrars help section for help setting-up an A record or scroll to the bottom of this post for screenshots of the most used registrars.
  6. Wait anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours for DNS to propagate.
  7. Go back to your browser and type in (Make sure you enter the www. portion. The system will not function properly without it.)
  8. If you don’t add a logo, your logo will be text. If you want to add a custom logo, click the “Upload custom logo” link and you’ll see the requirements there. Then select it and click Save.You can choose to show your contact details or not, choose a theme design, enter your Google Analytics tracking code, choose if you want a list style or a tile layout, change what people see on your main page and about page, and customize the look and feel. Be sure to click save on the bottom of the page.If you want to see some marketplace designs, just visit the Efty homepage and scroll down to the testimonials area. You can see customer marketplaces at,,,, and


If you have any questions at any time, please email for support.

The correct A-record settings at the major registrars: