Setting up your Stripe integration.

A deep integration with Stripe enables you to place Buy It Now (BIN) buttons on your For-Sale landing pages and domain name marketplace, allowing buyers to purchase your domain names with all majr credit card directly through Stripe.

To get started with integrating Stripe BIN buttons on your landing pages, follow these easy steps:

1 – Sign into your Efty account and go to Settings > Integrations to add both your public as well as your private Stripe key. You can find these under API section in your Stripe account.

3 – Go to Settings > Preferences and update your settings such as default payment platform. Please note that your default payment will be leading and overwrite any previous settings. If you select Stripe as your default payment platform all your domains with BIN prices will show Stripe BIN buttons. You can, however, overwrite this with another payment platform such as Escrow. Pay or PayPal at the individual domain name level.

4.      Add a BIN price to your domain name(s) from either the domain editor the bulk editor mode and hit Save.

5.      And voila, the BIN button is now visible on your domain landing page (and/or marketplace)!

6. Important: please make sure you have email notifications enabled in Stripe for both customers and for your yourself so you are notified immediately when a payment has been made and your buyer will receive a receipt upon completion of his purchase.

Email notifications for payments can be enabled in your user settings and email notifications for customers under Business Settings > Customer emails.