Update the Whois data for a domain name.

When you add a new domain name to your Efty account we automatically pull in all the Whois data associated with the domain name at that day and time such as registrar, registration date, expiry date and the nameservers of the domain. Once a domain name is added to your account Efty does not automatically updates Whois data unless you refresh it. To refresh the Whois data for a domain name you open the domain name in your Efty account and click on the small, blue arrow that is located on the right side of the Expiry date.

When a domain names reach it’s expiry date as recorded by the system when you imported the domain name, Efty will “move” it to an “Expired” folder which you can find under Domains > Expired. Here you can select the domain names you have renewed and run a bulk whois update on the selection.