Upload a custom background image for your For-Sale landing pages.

Using your own background image will allow you to better position your brand or simply show a better fitting background image for domains in certain niche markets for which Efty currently doesn’t offer a custom category lander.

To upload your own background image you head over to Settings > For-Sale landing pages where you can upload your image. Make sure the image is either a JPG, PNG or a GIF, is max 1MB in size and has the maximum dimensions of 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels. This image will be your default background image for any domains that you set to the “Custom Background” landing page theme. You can overwrite your default image at any time by uploading a new, unique image for any individual domain name under the Marketing tab of the domain within your Efty account.

To do this for an individual domain name you search and open the domain name in your Efty account and click the Edit button.

Now you click on the Marketing tab of the domain name. Here you can upload a custom background image for this specific domain name. Please note that this feature only works if you select the “Custom Background” landing page theme for your domain name.

Do not forget to save your newly created changes.