Get ready for a brand new Efty.

It’s been more than four years since Lionel and I set out on a mission to change the way domain name investors manage, market and monetize their portfolio’s, and what a ride it has been!

After a 6-month private beta with a small group of users, we turned to in December 2014 to announce our public beta and an open invite for anyone to sign-up and provide feedback.  And feedback we got. A lot. In fact, the feedback has never stopped and it is safe to say that it is entirely thanks to you that Efty transformed from our humble vision of a domain portfolio management tool into the full-fledged sales platform it is today and that we’re continuing to build for you.

Pretty much all of the new features we shipped over the past few years were build on top of the original framework that we developed for Efty back in 2014 which resulted in a somewhat bloated application that isn’t always as fast and bug-free as we like it to be and frankly, has started to look a bit tired.

That’s why our development team set out to completely revamp the application, streamline the menus, simplify navigation and build a responsive layout for all devices and operating systems. The result is a platform with a strong emphasis on helping you make more money, by driving more sales and better reporting.

Dashboard _ Efty - Edited

We think it’s turning out awesome but we want extensive feedback before we roll it out to our entire userbase. And what better place to turn for feedback than here on NamePros? The very same place we announced the first public version of the platform?

The new Efty is not just old wine in new bottles. We already incorporated a lot of feedback and delivered on a lot of the popular request posted by members in the many Efty review threads on the forum.

With the new Efty, you can:

  • Create custom categories for your marketplace (yay!)
  • Rearrange the order of premium domains on your homepage
  • Remove the Make Offer form from the marketplace (for your BIN domains)
  • Get in-app notifications for new inquiries and transactions.
  • Turn on/of logos in your marketplace or For-Sale landing pages.
  • Show listings on your marketplace in chronological or alphabetical order.
  • Activate two-factor authentication for added security.
  • Quickly see which of your domain names are under review.

Interested in helping us beta-test the new Efty? Email us at with the subject line: New Efty and include your Efty username (which is the email address you use to sign into your account). We will cap this beta at 200 users on a “first come first serve” basis.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

Doron & Lionel