Spot Emerging Trends Early and Boost Domain Sales

Looking at NameBio’s domain sales data from the past couple of years, you’ll notice a common pattern in many larger deals.

The $2 million sale, the $175,000 deal, and the $149,000 acquisition are just three examples of domains that sold for the prices they did, thanks to savvy sellers taking advantage of an emerging trend.

Many were able to register and flip domains for substantial profit very quickly., for example, was registered in January 2021. By August 2021, the domain had sold for $49,999.

How can investors spot emerging trends, and how can you do the same to boost domain sales?

Follow the Funding

Startups receiving funding is a clear indicator of value in a niche. Fortunately for domain investors, Crunchbase offers a comprehensive list of companies that have received funding.

It’s updated multiple times daily and is the perfect resource to get an overview of what industries are attracting funding. 

If you notice an industry suddenly drawing venture capitalists’ attention, you may have just spotted an early trend.

Tech News

Reading a wide variety of tech news from different outlets will give you an overview of what is happening while potentially showing you new trends or upcoming industries. 

TechCrunch and The Verge are valuable sources for more mainstream, while HackerNews and ProductHunt can introduce you to new companies and niches.


Get trend reports straight to your inbox courtesy of two newsletters, and Exploding Topics. Both services offer insights into emerging trends before they become mainstream.

Exploding Topics, for example, sends a weekly newsletter highlighting words or phrases quickly rising among web searches and social media mentions. 

Domain investors can leverage that information by potentially registering or acquiring domains related to those keywords.

Google Trends

The phrase “Google is your friend” certainly applies to spotting trends. The most used search engine in the world has a treasure trove of data, and it allows anyone to search for some of that data via its Google Trends website.

Using Google Trends regularly to explore upcoming keywords, perhaps in conjunction with the Exploding Topics newsletter, could allow you to discover and capitalize on an emerging trend.

Here, for example, is a Google Trend report plotting interest in the term “metaverse” between February 2021 and February 2022. 

Some savvy users may have been able to spot an emerging trend as early as April 2021:


Many domain name investors first learned about the potentially lucrative NFT world through Twitter, with some able to capitalize early on projects such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Following the right people can also help you discover new trends and opportunities. 

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