Improved Efty market, stats per domain and more!

As you’ll probably know, September is a pretty exciting month for us. Since August was the last month in beta, this is the first month where we are seeing loyal beta users claiming their lifetime subscription and converting into paying users.

Instead of booking a ticket to the Bahamas we picked this month to further attack our development roadmap and continue to work on turning Efty into the one tool every domainer loves to use.

One week in, we’re happy to announce the following fixes and updates:

Efty Market

  • The bug with sorting is fixed in the table view of Efty Market. Pinned domains are perfectly set at the top of the list, while the rest of your domains are sorted alphabetically, as they should be.
  • The IP address of the sender of an inquiry is added to the new inquiry e-mail.
  • It is now also possible to search on TLD’s in the ‘Search domains’ field in the top of your Efty Market page.
  • In edit domain mode, when you set ‘Display on Efty Market’ to ‘no’, the landing page is automatically killed (gracefully) as well with a custom 404. This allows you to add your development and not-for-sale domains to Efty, knowing that they are for your eyes only.
  • When using a custom domain for your Efty Market, you’ll have a sitemap attached to your custom domain as well (check the footer of your Efty Market for the sitemap link). Before, the sitemap was linked to an subpage, disregarding your custom domain.
  • All inquiry forms and landing pages now have e-mail validation
  • In settings > Efty Market, you can add an alternative e-mail address to use in your Efty Market en landing pages (header and footer)

Domain management and landing page stats

  • While in domain edit mode, you can hit the edit button next to the name of the domain (‘Domain’ tab). This enables you to capitalize the domain after an import (e.g. ‘’ => ‘’), making them more attractive for potential buyers.
  • Last but not least, we bring you landing page stats per domain! If you open a domain in domain view mode in Efty, you’ll find the total number of visitors and a number of visitors in the past 30 days at the bottom of the marketing tab. Also, make sure to check out Insights > Landing pages, for an overview of all domains and their pageviews.

Let us know what you think about our latest update, and feel free to send us your suggestions, wishes and ideas at [email protected]!

One thought on “Improved Efty market, stats per domain and more!

  1. Hey Lionel, I’m just learning about the Efty marketplace. I would be happy to list some of my icann domain names. Will be signing up for an account soon. Keep up the great work!


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