You’ve asked, we listened: Add logos to your landing pages!

Many of you told us you’d like to build a visual image of a domain by “packaging” them with a logo. We all know that logos help sell domains because it’s visual and they give the domain personality. But wouldn’t it be nice if you can save yourself the 30% in commission that the popular brandable marketplaces take?

I’m very happy to share that as of today you can upload your own logo to each of your for sale landing pages enabling you to create even better looking landing pages for your domains.

Check out these landers to see how awesome a custom logo will look on your domains:

Adding a logo to your landing pages is super easy, just open the domain name in Efty (make sure it is parked with us first!) and open the Marketing tab. Click: Upload custom logo and hit Save.


And boom!


Oh, and last but not least: Efty landing pages will be completely white label for users on a monthly or lifetime subscription so there won’t be any distractions for buyers that are about to inquire about of your domain names.

As always, drop us an email at [email protected] if you have comments, suggestions, need some help with setting up your landing pages or if you just want to say hi!

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