You asked, we listened: more customization for your marketplace.

We knew we were on to something when we launched the improved marketplace feature back in June but we did not expect that we would power over 430 unique domain name marketplaces just four months later! We’ve been making many small improvements and bug fixes during these months but we also listened to your requests and wishes. Today, I am happy to share the first of many new updates we have coming to the marketplace feature within the next few months.

Upload your own custom background:

With so many Efty powered marketplaces around you want to make sure to set yourself apart from the rest by giving your marketplace its own identity. You could already upload your own logo and customize the color scheme of your site but were restricted to one of 12 default images in our gallery for your header image choice. Not anymore. You can now upload your very own image. Some marketplaces that have already done so include,, and (yes, you can upload an image of a massive unicorn if that’s what you want!).

Make sure the image is either a JPG, PNG or a GIF, is max 1MB and has the exact dimensions of 1900px * 600px w/h and upload it under Settings > Efty Market. And oh yeah, make sure you have the rights to use the image. A great resource for FREE (and free to use!) pictures is PEXELS where you can find a large number of high-quality pictures ranging from topics such as galaxy to nature or business.

Write your own meta description: 

It’s great to be in charge of your marketplace its identity but it’s equally important to be in charge of what your site looks like in search engine results from Google and the like. That’s where the meta description comes in. The meta description is a ~160 character snippet that summarizes a page’s content. Search engines such as Google will show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched for phrase is contained in the description. Being able to optimize the description is an important aspect of on-page SEO. This here is an excellent article if you want to learn a bit more about why a meta description is important in today’s web.  Head over to Settings > Efty Market to add your meta description.

Unlimited featured domains on your homepage:

Previously you could showcase a maximum of nine domain names on your marketplace its homepage. We decided to lift that limit a while ago so you can now feature as many domain names on there as you like. To show a domain on your marketplace its homepage you open the domain in your Efty account, click Edit and the check the “Premium” box as per the screenshot below:


As always, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] if you need any help getting set up or just want to say hi!

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