Host SSL secure For-Sales pages on

Here at Efty were always looking for better ways to generate offers and inquiries for your domains with high-converting For-Sale landing pages.

Since December last year, we offer SSL certificates for all custom marketplace sites on the Growth and Profesional plans and as of today, we’ve made it possible to start redirecting buyers to SSL secured For-Sale landing pages hosted on

This new feature allows you to start directing buyers to secure For-Sale landing pages without having to set up a custom marketplace domain.  Users on the Growth or Profesional plan can simply select the “redirect to the marketplace (SSL)’ option from the drop-down in their Settings > Efty market page and are good to go.

By enabling this feature all visitors on your domains that are using the Efty nameservers ( will be forwarded to SSL secure For-Sale landing pages hosted on

Why is this important?

SSL EftyRecently Google started labeling any websites that do not have SSL installed as “Not secure”. Enabling SSL not only helps keep your visitor’s information safe, having SSL on your For-Sale landing pages keeps their mind at ease because it provides authentication and trust. Web browsers give visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar, to make sure visitors know when their connection is secured. This means that potential buyers will trust your For-Sale landing page more when they see these signs and will be more likely to buy your domain or submit an inquiry.

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