Introducing Fresku, Nubia & Nobo. Our Best-Looking For-Sale Landing Pages Yet.

How important is a beautiful for-sale landing page when selling domains, and can you ask a premium price by doing so?

At Efty, we’ve learned over the years that first impressions matter. Design matters. And having hosted millions of For-Sale landing pages over the past 4+ years we found that mobile-first, stunning graphics, crisp typography, bold call-to-action buttons and a customizable message focused on benefits makes potential buyers not only consider the opportunities but pay a premium for it.

We are committed to our position as an industry innovator and being the catalyst behind an insane amount of offers, inquiries, and most important: commission-free domain name sales.

For this reason, I am super excited to share that we just pushed the launch button on what we think are the industries best-looking For-Sale landing pages and introduce you to the first three templates in this new series:


Fresku gif
Visit for a live example.


Nubia gif
Visit for a live example.


Nobo gif
Visit for a live example.

The Fresku design is also available as a BIN-only, UDRP Safe and INDRP Safe template.

And the way you set up and customize these new For-Sale landing pages will remain the same and they are available on all subscription tiers including free trial accounts.  A custom logo, replacing the domain name, can be used on both the Fresku and the Nubia theme and of course, our integrations with, PayPal and Stripe are supported.

And before I forget, as a bonus, you are now also able to upload your own, custom background image to both the North and Kiffer theme.

Not an Efty user yet? Sign up for a free, 30-day trial here.

12 thoughts on “Introducing Fresku, Nubia & Nobo. Our Best-Looking For-Sale Landing Pages Yet.

  1. Bravo Doron! These are very good-looking and much-needed templates. I’m excited to start testing them. I appreciate all the work you and your team are doing to make Efty one of the best tools for domainers!


  2. Great addition to the already existing landing pages.
    For subscribers who redirect their landing pages to their marketplace, is there a way in which these landing pages can be integrated into the marketplace. I just needed to ask because these three are just so appealing to ignore.



  3. Do you provide any landing pages for contact information only? No sales messages… like a pure contact form. Thanks.


      1. This one looks safe. Thank god I finally found one.

        Just lost a domain to a lawyer 😦 Guys, don’t put ads or for sale info on your landing pages!!

        I am going to transfer all my domains to this Fresku landing page. Thanks again.


    1. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Henrik!

      I thought the days of UDRP domain hijacking were basically over — lawyer or not.

      To say the least, I’m rather shocked. I wonder what loophole he used?? Could we get some details about this?


  4. Congrats Doron and team efty on yet another nice addition!

    I love the Nobo theme and tried to change most of my portfolio to this via CSV bulk import but received the error message for each: “The landing page theme needs to be one of the allowed themes”. On the CSV I enetered Nobo; should I have instead used lower case nobo?

    It’s great that with the Nobo theme a make offer amount needs to be entered before a person can make a comment, which should slow down the time wasters who just want to leave a silly comment. Is there any chance of the option of a BIN-only Nobo for certain domains?

    Just an observation that the > symbol before a domain using the Fresku and Nubia themes is a slight distraction from the domain.


    1. Hi LB, thanks for the feedback. Yes, please use lowercase in the CSV editor for the theme name, ie nobo instead of Nobo and you should be fine. We hope to add more landing pages from this series in the near future. I’ll gather some more feedback on the > sign to see if we should keep that or not.


  5. Hi Doron, I’d like to use the CSV editor to change a large number of domains to the Fresku (BIN) theme and have tried a dozen variations on the CSV sheet eg. Fresku (BIN), Fresku(BIN), fresku (bin) etc, but none seems to work (error message for all) when bulk uploading.

    Would you kindly advise which way I need to write the Fresku (BIN) theme name on the CSV. TYIA


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