Presenting Spinoza. The Sixth Efty Marketplace Theme.

Did you know that Efty-powered marketplaces reach more than 1 million visitors every month? We’re proudly hosting some of the best domain name portfolios in the world and work with some of the leading brokers as well as entire registry’s to showcase their top inventory.

We launched our first customizable marketplace themes, Borgen and Sands in 2016 and added another two themes, Eustatius and Emma shortly after. Those themes remain wildly popular but in the ever-changing world of the internet we set out to design a new generation of themes this summer that embrace a mobile-first design, crisp typography, and bold call-to-action buttons. Michelet was the first in that series and I am really excited to announce the addition of #2 today:


Spinoza is the first theme we’ve launched where the search bar isn’t prominently displayed on the homepage. Instead, the call to action for a visitor is to browse the marketplace instead.


Many of us hold portfolios with a couple of hundred domain names and a keyword search might often lead to no search results found. By encouraging visitors to browse the entire portfolio or a certain category instead, this theme aims to increase the number of pages per visit and decrease your bounce rate.  And, if a visitor wants to search for a certain keyword, they can still access a search bar in the header of the site at any given time.

Domain Names for Rock Stars _ - Edited

Another big differentiator of Spinoza is that premium domain names that are featured in the tiles on the homepage of the site only show images unless there’s a “mouseover”. This makes the theme very well suited for showcasing brandable domain names that are presented with a logo.

Domain Names for Rock Stars _ - Edited (1)


ShortlistThe Spinoza marketplace theme also allows anyone who’s browsing your site to favorite a domain name by clicking or tapping the small heart-shaped icon underneath the description or within the search results. A shortlist of all favorite domain names can then be accessed by navigating to the heart-shaped icon in the main menu of the site.

A Custom Page & Contact Us Page.

Besides an existing “About Us” page you can now create another custom page which will be displayed in the main navigation of the Spinoza theme. You can name this page yourself so you can use it however you see fit. Showcase previously sold domains or create a “How does this work” page where you outline the purchasing and transfer process.

Easy Make-Offer forms

Buyers can now submit an offer for a domain name without leaving the search result pages on your marketplace site. As with all inquiries, Efty will collect as much relevant information as possible about the submitting party, such as a telephone number and IP address, making it easy for you to do conduct research on the buyer.

Increased logo size

The Spinoza theme features a larger logo in the header of the site for increased exposure and easier navigation on both desktop and mobile devices.

To update the theme of your marketplace to Michelet, you navigate to Settings > Marketplace in your account.

Don’t have an Efty account as of yet? Sign up for a 30-day, free trial today.

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