Send domains to escrow from within Efty, with optional Domain Concierge Service.

At Efty, we have a longstanding relationship with the team at, and together we have helped our users sell and buy thousands of domains over the past few years.

Our integration with Escrow Pay already enabled you to display Buy It Now (BIN) buttons on your For-Sale landing pages and marketplace, allowing buyers to purchase your domain directly via and we’re pleased to share we have added some more functionalities and improvements.

Initiate a new transaction directly from within your Efty dashboard. 

You can now easily initiate a new escrow transaction without having to leave your Efty dashboard.

I’ll share with you how this works exactly in the video walk-through below 👇🏼

What is’s Concierge Service?’s Domain Concierge Service will hold the domain securely in’s registrar account throughout the transaction and ensure safe delivery to the buyer.

Many buyers and sellers prefer the security of an independent third party completing the transfer of the domain on their behalf. staff will manage the receipt of both the funds and the domain into’s secure accounts, check the domain against the purchase agreement, and complete the transfer to the buyer for security at every stage in the transaction. holds accounts with all major registrars and can usually receive your domain via push. You can calculate the concierge fee for a transaction here.

To enable the concierge service on all your Buy-It-Now transactions via you go to Settings > Preferences within your Efty dashboard or you can enable it on an individual basis by checking the checkbox on the Marketing tab of a specific domain name.

Escrow concierge

Out with the old, in with the new

We have now switched all users to the latest Escrow Pay integration. If you have been with Efty for a while and haven’t had the chance to make the switch to the new integration we have now done this for you. The new integration removes friction from the escrow process because buyers are redirected to a wizard on where they can immediately agree to the terms and complete an escrow transaction in a few steps.

Escrow Pay & EftyNot an Efty user yet? Get started with a free trial account today.

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