Efty’s Brokerage Platform is Out of Beta!

I am excited to share that as of today, our domain name brokerage platform is available to any domain name investor within our Efty Investor application. This means you can now assign incoming leads, inquiries and offers to an experienced domain name broker with a click of a button and pay a competitive 15% commission (or $250.00 whichever is greater) upon the completion of a successful sale.

After setting a target and a floor price for your domain(s), you can easily forward new inquiries to the Saw.com team to help you close a sale and even assign older leads for their team to revive.

Thanks to a large number of sellers who have helped us beta test the first version of our brokerage integration we have made improvements and added features while in our open beta:

Adding notes for the broker:

You can now add a note for the broker. This is particularly useful if you send older leads and already had some back and forth with the potential buyer which you would like to pass along.

Add a lead:

You can now also manually add leads to your Efty Investor account which can then be sent to a broker. This way you can also add leads that you received for your domains outside of Efty such as inquiries you received via email or alternative landing pages or websites.

Keeping track:

Sellers can now easily keep track of all the leads they have sent to a broker from a dedicated folder underneath the Inquiries tab within their account.

To get started, just head over to your Inquiries tab here and let an industry-leading broker with deep industry knowledge help you close and maximize value from your portfolio today.

Not an Efty Investor user yet? Get started with a free trial account here.

One thought on “Efty’s Brokerage Platform is Out of Beta!

  1. Great job by Efty and well done, I’m really excited about the new features, adding notes for the broker, add Leads and we can keep track of leads, amazing! thanks to the wonderful Efty.com which I love so much. Hussein Kefel, Domain investor Dubai


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