Sell more domain names with Efty’s Sedo integration.

What if you could use your own commission-free For-Sale landing pages or marketplace and also have your domains show up for sale in domain searches across 650 sales and registrar sites for a 20% commission?

Enter our Sedo integration: 

When we started working on Efty in 2014, Sedo was one of our first integration partners. We built a simple integration, allowing you to easily add new and edit existing listings on from within Efty Investor.

Listing your domain names with is a no-brainer today, as it will drive additional sales alongside those generated through your For-Sale landing pages or marketplace.

Sedo’s Multi Listing Service (SedoMLS) also promotes your domains in domain searches across 650 sales and registrar websites worldwide such as NameCheap,, and Dynadot. If your domain sells to a buyer from one of these SedoMLS partners, the commission for the sale is 20% of the final sales price.

Keep track of Listings:

To make listing and managing your domains within SedoMLS a lot easier, we completely revamped our integration, bringing you a complete overview of your listed and unlisted domain names inside Efty Investor under the newly added Listings tab in your account.

The Listings overview will show you all your domains listed on both and Sedo, including their BIN prices, allowing you to spot discrepancies and adjust for marketplace commissions quickly – we recommend pricing your domain names at least 20% higher on external marketplaces such as Sedo to offset the commission.

There’s also an option to filter out any domain names not yet listed on a marketplace, allowing you to see which domain names you may still need to add.

Adding and editing listings:

Adding a new domain name to Sedo can be done quickly without leaving your Efty Investor account by editing the domain, clicking on the Marketplaces tab, and then adding it to Sedo. This same tool allows you to edit or delete existing Sedo listings as well.

Verify ownership with our DNS tool:

If you use Efty’s nameservers for your portfolio, you can use our new Bulk DNS tool to verify ownership of all your domain names with Sedo by adding your unique TXT record. You only have to do this once, and Sedo will automatically accept any newly listed domains.

2 thoughts on “Sell more domain names with Efty’s Sedo integration.

  1. Hello Doron, How are you doing?

    I hope you are well.

    This is a great idea to let Efty sellers expand their marketing exposure, which shall increase traffic do their domains, and sales too.

    Well done for this idea, and it is nice you you keep developing Efty for your users.

    Matt Morgan


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