Smart Landers updates based on your feedback

Since Smart Landers entered open beta, we’ve seen hundreds of Efty Investor users dive in and create the perfect landing page for their domains. We’ve also received plenty of feedback on how we can make Smart Landers even better, and we’ve worked hard to turn the most popular request into reality and just pushed the following updates live:

Custom Favicon

A favicon is a small 16×16 pixel icon that serves as branding for your website. Its primary purpose is to help visitors locate your page easier when they have multiple tabs open. Favicons are vital because they add legitimacy to your landing page and can help boost branding and earn the trust of potential buyers.

You can now upload a custom favicon for each Smart Lander you create. If you do not have a favicon yet, you can easily create one for free with a service such as 

Set a Call-to-Action when you offer multiple payment options. 

When your Smart Lander offers visitors multiple options to pay for your domain name, you can now decide which option will be the primary button by setting a “Call to Action” from the Settings page within the Visual Editor. This will highlight the button for the selected payment provider, creating a clear call to action for potential buyers. 

Show visitor stats only after a certain threshold.

Our Smart Landers can show a domain name’s accumulated visitor number over the last 30 days. This feature is great for displaying valuable insight into a domain name’s traffic and can serve as a helpful guideline for potential buyers. But what if a domain name gets little traffic? Is it better to not show any visitor stats altogether? Now the choice is up to you. Click on Instant Edit, select the Visitors elements, and set your preference. 

GDPR Compliance

If you run a Europe-based business, we recommend obtaining consent from your contacts and clearly explaining how you plan to use their personal data. This is why Efty Investor offers the right tools to help you operate your domaining business with best practices. Our optional, GDPR-friendly forms, now available on Smart Landers, include checkboxes for opt-in consent and an editable Privacy Policy page explaining how and why you use the data you receive through offers and inquiries on your domains.

To start with Smart Landers, please head to Settings > Smart Landers in your Efty Investor account. Tutorials on creating your first Smart Lander can be found in our knowledge base here.

Not an Efty Investor user yet? Sign up for a free trial today.

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