Can great software make you happy?

It’s common knowledge that you need to have clear goals while building your startup. In our case we want Efty to be the one tool every domainer loves to use. By building the right tools we want to make sure that, when we hit private beta, we’re delivering what we hope to be the Swiss knife of domaining software.

I’ve always been quite intrigued by web apps that deliver just that little bit extra. That touch you didn’t expect to get. Great tools make satisfied customers, that’s for sure. But do these little unexpected extras make super-happy customers?

Little Big Details is a ‘curated collection of the finer details of design’. Fellow Dutchie Floris Dekker updates this blog regularly with examples of great details in web app design. These little big details are exemplary for the little unexpected extras I was referring to before and it makes a great read for anyone interested in usability and design.

In the different tech startups I’ve helped to grow (and the ones I’ve helped to fail :P), we were fortunate to get lots of feedback from clients. I’ve noticed that you’re really creating a fanbase as a company when you are (or your product is) doing stuff for your clients that they don’t expect you to do. Stuff that comes ON TOP of the already great product or service you’re providing them with.

Over the last couple of months, while getting ready for Efty’s private beta launch, we’ve implemented a few ‘Little big details’ which we hope to be well received by our beta users. I’ll outline a few of them below.

Preferred nameserver
You’d might have one or more preferred nameservers pointing to your landing pages, preferably Efty landing pages of course ;-). You can set your fav nameservers in Efty, so Efty can proactively suggest you to update certain (such as recently acquired or transferred) domains where the nameserver records aren’t properly setup yet.


Efty helps you pro-actively in making sure your profile is always up to date, and configured to maximize leads, sales and revenues!

Sold domains reminder

As a domainer you’re actively managing your portfolio. Every night, Efty automatically pulls whois records for all domains where the registrar info has changed. It’s pretty safe to assume that, if the registrar info has changed for one of your domains, the owner has changed, thus the domain has been sold (congrats on your deal!). Efty will notify you to automatically mark this domain as sold, and to update the whois data as well. You can input the transfer price and the marketplace that got the deal done. This makes sure that your financial insight is up to par, giving you maximum insight in your portfolio performance!


It’s with these little reminders and gestures that we hope to really surprise our users and turning them into fans of our software. 

Auto-update of renewed domains
When your domains get renewed or transferred, you don’t want have to manually update them in your database. Every night, Efty checks your domain portfolio and updates the records of renewed or transferred domains automatically. You receive a short mail updating you on the changes that have been made for you.

This will save you precious time while keeping your database 100% clean and up to date!

Do these little big details make super-happy Efty users? We certainly hope so. We do need your help in getting there. Do you have an opinion on the domaining industry and would you like to maximize your portfolio?

We’d really like you to apply for our private beta, so you can help us in making the one tool you’ll love to use!

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