Parking is dead – how Efty solves it

Everyone knows that with the rise of a new generation of web browsers and the death of the address bar, parking revenue has been declining rapidly. Now in 2014, PPC revenue is lower than ever and almost nobody ever enters web addresses into browser windows anymore.

There’s still a few domainers out there who are using parking as a core revenue, but most of us agree they are a dying breed.


“Don’t quit your day job” My parking revenue on a 200+ name portfolio. 

Why are we still parking?

When I started domaining I knew I was at least five years too late to make any significant PPC revenue with my portfolio. That didn’t matter because I got into domaining for one purpose only: to sell domain names.

Parking your names is pretty much the only way to get some content on your domain, showing that it’s for sale. This is the only real advantage of parking these days (unless you’re getting excited from a $10 PPC payout once a month).

But if letting people know the domain name their visiting is for sale is your main goal and you’re most interested in generating inquiries from potential end-users, why would you park your domain on a page with 90% ads that hardly promotes the fact that the name is for sale?


Domain name parking as we know it today.

For the majority of the domain name parking platforms that are out there today, there’s literally zero incentive to help you actually sell your domains. And that is exactly why they are doing such a lousy job at helping you generate leads and sales. They rather have you parking the name with them until the end of days whilst taking the majority of the already lousy PPC revenue your domains are making.

Helping domainers make more money

At Efty we say PPC is dead and that the real value of parking should come from an increased number of offers and inquiries from your domains that are clearly for sale


Parking with Efty. 0% Ads, 100% for Sale. 

Efty allows you to personally customize landing pages for each of your domains as you see fit, which is the key to generating the leads that will become the sales you’re after.

Your landing pages have been cooked up and fashioned for optimal visitor-to-lead conversion.

  1. Choose a background from our gallery of unique images for different sectors (outdoors, travel, technology, adult etc)
  2. Write your own sales pitch or choose from a collection of proven ad copies.
  3. Add your own contact details such as email, phone number, skype id or website so interested buyers can contact you directly.

Parking my names with Efty is one of the features I’m personally most excited about and I’m more than happy to give up a few bucks in PPC revenue in return for a boost in leads and sales.

Efty landing pages will be one of the core features available in our private beta in just a couple of weeks from now.

We’re looking forward to helping you sell more domains!



Parking your domains with us will be completely optional for each domain so if you still have names that bring in decent PPC revenue you can leave those parked with your favourite parking provider.

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