Landing pages made EASY, public beta and more!

It’s been a few weeks since our last update but I can assure you we’ve been busy each day (and in my case nights!) on making Efty better and ready for public beta. A lot of new smaller features, changes and updates might have gone unnoticed, even for those of you that have been logging in to Efty on a daily basis, but they all contribute to making sure the software is bug-free, fast, and gives back reliable data.

We were able to make a lot of these changes thanks to our current group of dedicated private beta users, with some of you giving us extensive feedback and commentary throughout the past few weeks (you know who you are!).

NS1/NS2 – Easy as 123! 

It was quickly pointed out to us that one of our more popular features, the ability to create custom landing pages for each of your domains was missing something essential: parking them fast and easy by pointing nameservers to us.

We started working on this straight away and now once you have added your domains to your Efty account you can start parking domains with our platform by simply changing the nameservers on your domains to and

Customize the parking page (domain USP’s and profile) under the Marketing tab, hit Save:


And voilà: – your custom landing page is online. Inquiries will be delivered straight to your inbox as well as your Efty Cockpit where we show you the IP address, location, email and as much other info we can gather for you on the potential buyer.

Of course, you are fully in control of which domains you point to your Efty landing pages and which ones you don’t. So far we’ve tested it with a portfolio of around 200 domains with 3k traffic on them and even though it works like a charm we recommend you to test with a small percentage of your portfolio first before pointing the majority of your domains to Efty.

What’s next: Public Beta! 

We’ve been selective with letting users into our private beta because we wanted to make sure to have built Efty into the one tool that every domainer will love to use.

I’m pretty excited to share now that every one of you that signed up previously, but hasn’t yet got access will receive their login credentials anytime soon! Any new users signing up from that moment will also gain instant access and can start using Efty immediately.

Adding some color and going flat:

Our feelings were a little hurt when some users commented that Efty looked a little boring and one particular individual even compared our design with that of c-panel. Once our designer was recovered from the emotional damage and gained back some confidence we asked him to get inspired by the Hindi festival Holi and start putting some color back into Efty and go flat with the design.

Here’s a sneak peak of the new design that we expect to push live on the day of our public beta launch:









Portfolio Insights:

Again, we’d like to thank our private beta users, you guys have been incredibly awesome and extremely helpful during the past few weeks, providing us with in-depth feedback and helping us to get ready for public beta!

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