Keeping your Efty portfolio in shape

Earlier this year, our main goal was to make our beta friends acquainted with Efty and help them to import their portfolios. Mission succeeded! Hundreds of beta users are now using Efty to manage thousands of domains, which makes us very proud!

As an active domainer, you’ll reg, buy, transfer, drop and sell domains on a regular basis. We’re currently developing a set of tools that’ll enable you to update your portfolio in Efty accordingly.

Since a couple of weeks, Efty users receive a weekly update, giving them overall and quick insight into the health of their domain portfolio.

Additionally, we’ve just launched a neat little feature that allows you to easily update the whois info for your domains as they appear in Efty.

From your domain overview in Efty, just hit the refresh button on the right-hand side:


You’ll now see the current info in Efty and the corresponding info from the whois database for this particular domain.


The input fields you check will be updated in Efty. The tool automatically checks the input fields that are different from your current data, making it easy to quickly update your domains. Give it a try and let us know you think in the comments, twitter or by email. We love to hear your feedback!

What’s next? We’re working on a couple of great features that’ll help you to update your portfolio pro-actively. In the future, you’ll receive an e-mail if Efty detects changes in your portfolio, based on the current whois information. We’re working on a feature that detects newly regged or bought domains, as well as dropped or sold domains.

Furthermore, we’re working on a tool that allows you to forward confirmation messages of your registrar to Efty, so that Efty can add newly regged domains to your Efty database (including all whois info, of course)!

Enough work to keep us busy for the next couple of months 🙂

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