Yay, we’re in public beta!

It’s been a year since we set out on a mission to change the way domainers manage, market and monetize their portfolio’s, and what a year it’s been!

What started as an idea back in October last year was further conceptualized when Lionel hopped on a plane to Hong Kong to work with me on the system analysis and design of a webtool we hoped every domainer out there would love to use.


Building software starts with pen and paper.

6 months later, after countless skype meetings and a massive development sprint from our home offices in Hong Kong and Groningen (that’s in the Netherlands), a select group of domainers received invites for the private beta version of Efty.

Since then we’ve been keeping busy improving Efty based on user feedback as well as adding a myriad of great new features like Sedo integration, custom landing pages, weekly email updates and even a completely new design.

I’m super excited to share that as of today Efty is in public beta. So if you’re keen to better manage and market your domain name portfolio while gaining valuable insight into your performance I invite you to sign up and join our beta for free today!

We’re looking forward to reading your feedback!

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