Efty + Bodis = Awesome


From the day that we started building Efty we knew that the tool would be most useful by linking up with the major marketplaces and parking companies out there so you could track, manage and monitor all your activities from one central place. After getting cosy with Sedo a couple of months back we’ve now taken another step in making Efty the epicenter of your domaining activities: we hooked up with leading domain parking company Bodis!

All you need to do to integrate Bodis into your Efty is go to Settings > Integrations and add your Bodis API Key. You can find your API Key in your Bodis account settings.

After adding your Bodis credentials to Efty, you can easily look up parking revenue for a specific domain, add domains to your Bodis account or list & edit domain names on the Bodis marketplace. All without leaving Efty.


Bodis parking revenue stats – now in Efty

We’re currently working on integrating more major marketplaces and parking companies in Efty so stay tuned for more updates soon!

2 thoughts on “Efty + Bodis = Awesome

  1. Hello,

    just a quick question for Bodis integration, after added domain to Efty then also click add to Bodis. which DNS should be use on the original registrar (Efty or Bodis)?



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