Mobile ready marketplaces and landing pages!

While most companies are getting into holiday mode and the first Happy Holidays emails are starting to hit your inbox we have been busy chatting with tons of new beta users about how we can turn Efty into the best domaining software tool out there. We received many comments, some great tips, and some awesome ideas.

Many of you asked if we could optimize the  landing pages and marketplace for mobile devices so we decided to get to work on that right away!

These pages look pretty great on computers already, but I’m happy to share that now they look just as nice on your (and the buyers) phone!

To see this in action just check out one of your parked domains or your marketplace from your phone or have a look at mine:

Landing page:             Marketplace:


Ho ho ho – Efty is ready to roll on mobile devices! 

We hope that this update will significantly increase the number of inquiries from mobile phones.  We are looking forward to updating you guys soon with another nifty feature or improvement 🙂

Please keep the feedback coming!

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