Thank you for your feedback. Here’s what we’re doing with it.

We were very excited and really happy by all the feedback we received from everyone from our beta feedback survey. So far we’ve seen over 25% of our beta users fill out the survey to share their thoughts, likes/dislikes and ideas to make Efty a better domaining tool. Lots of the ideas actually confirm things we already knew needed fixing, but it was good to get some validation on those points.

Without further ado, here are some of the things you asked for and that we decided to fix or change right away:

  • Support for IDNs

You can now add internationalized domain names into Efty. The WHOIS data is pulled properly as well.

  • Fixed paging for 100 results

The domain overview wasn’t working properly when viewing 100 domains at a time. We’ve fixed this issue.

  • Fixed renewals per month stats

Over at Efty Insights, the chart with upcoming renewal costs wasn’t adding up your $$$ properly. Also fixed!

  • Adding domains IN ALL CAPS

For some reason, adding domains like ALLCAPSLOCKDOMAIN.COM resulted in an error. We’ve fixed this issue, so feel free to go nuts with caps lock!

  • Set domain to status ‘sold’ prompts a notification to add sales revenues 

After you’ve updated the status of a domain to ‘sold’, Efty now prompts you to update sold date and financial info accordingly.

  • Upload 500 domains with CSV file

You can now upload up to 500 domains at once, using the CSV import file.

  • Purchase price and renewal fee made optionally

Last but not least we decided to make the purchase price and renewal fee input fields optional. We started out having these fields required because it helps to build proper financial statistics. Although we still believe Efty is adding much more value when it shows you your profit and loss and monthly renewal costs we did got quite some feedback from users who weren’t happy about having to input all this info when bulk uploading their data or simply wanted to use Efty for one of the many other features such as custom landing pages or marketplace.

The survey will remain open until the end of February so if you haven’t completed it yet please do so in the next couple of weeks and win a lifetime subscription to Efty!

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