Announcing our survey winners!

A great big “Thank You” to all who participated in our beta feedback survey! The response was eftylent and we really appreciate all of the great feedback and responses we received. We’re already hard at work implementing a lot of the features and changes you’ve requested and are evaluating more of the ideas that came out of the survey.

As a beta user you’ve helped us turn Efty into the swiss army knife for domainers that we envisioned when we started building the tool and as token of our thanks we are pleased to announce the following 10 users will receive a lifetime subscription for Efty:

  • Richard Hearne
  • Paolo Mauroner
  • Adelino Monteiro
  • Rob Rude
  • Michael Cyger
  • Lennard Bouma
  • Tom Carl
  • Jen-Sin Choo
  • Andries Jansen
  • Ibrahim Hoscoskun

If you are one of these lucky folks, keep an eye on your inbox! You will receive an email with more details within the next couple of days. Please email me directly at doron at if you have any questions or comments!

As we will be taking Efty to the next stage and work towards introducing fair, monthly paid subscriptions in the next month or two we want you to know that we will have an exclusive offer for all beta users. This will be a grandfathered plan, not available after Efty comes out of beta and is solely for those of you that helped us to test, improve and create Efty into the domainer tool that it is today. More details on this will follow soon.

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