Sort, manage and track your developed domains.

Developed domains. They’re often your most important domains and for a good reason. You use them for your company, your marketplace, your blog, your personal website or your wedding site. These domains are often not for sale and were not acquired as a typical domain name investment but many of you told us you still want to keep track of them and have all of them in one place for a quick overview.

Today we’ve added a new status category called Development so you can easily mark developed or personal domains as such and track them under their own tab.

Developed domains now have their own tab in Efty

To update your development domains in Efty just look them up, click edit and change the Status from Portfolio into Development.

Label your domains as developed is easy as 1,2.3 

As always, please don’t hesitate to share your comments, feedback and ideas with us to help us further improve Efty.

Have a rocking weekend!

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