Announcing Paid Plans for Efty

Today I am pleased to introduce paid plans for Efty which will go into effect October 1st.

For those of you who were beta users back in January, you’ll remember the feedback survey we sent to collect feedback on features, usage, and pricing. Your feedback has helped to ensure that our paid plans are affordable, simple and most importantly provide value to everyone, no matter if you’re a hobby domainer or a large portfolio holder.

Why Now:

When we launched the first beta version of Efty back in May 2014 it was never a question of if we would introduce paid plans, but when. We decided however that we would only start charging for Efty when we could provide you with the ultimate “swiss army knife” for domaining and all the support you deserve. Even if this meant we would be incurring the cost of providing a fast growing tool to hundreds of domainers for free.

When running a business, especially a startup, there are times when you feel pressured to start charging, but there were several features we wanted to include and perfect before it made sense to release paid plans.

  • Domain name management and tracking
  • Custom landing pages
  • Your own marketplace
  • Financial insights and statistics
  • Mobile ready
  • Integrations – Sedo, ParkingCrew, Voodoo, Bodis etc

Shut up and take my money:

On the 1st of September we will automatically convert your free beta account into an Efty trial account, meaning you will have another free month to use (or try) Efty before deciding to switch to one of our paid plans:


Paying users will be able to enjoy all the great features in Efty for as little as $4/month for up to 50 domains or for less than the price of a .com renewal for up to 1500 domains.

But hold on – If you’re reading this you’re most likely one of our beloved beta users (anyone who signed up before September 1st ) which means you qualify for a grandfathered, lifetime, unlimited (domains) Efty license for only $149. 

Last but not least:

Efty will officially remain in beta until midnight, August 31st. All existing user account will then automatically be converted into a one-month free trial account which will give you another 30 days before you have to subscribe to your preferred plan or lifetime license.

When pricing goes into effect in October, we’re not going to sit back and relax. There’s still so much more we can and will do with Efty that we’ve really only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

We’re very thankful for the awesome support, feedback and ideas we’ve received up until this point and hope to continue to work closely with domain name investors and partners to deliver even better tools for helping you make more money!

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