Increased lead quality with verified inquiries.

As one of our users expressed it nicely not long ago, the ‘Make an Offer’ form on Efty For-Sale landing pages is the heart of what we offer to domain name investors.  The email inquiries you receive trough Efty should be the offers and leads that you turn into sales so it has our highest priority to kill any type of spam or fake inquiries.

As our service continues to grow rapidly in popularity among domainers and the number of domains in our zone-file has exploded Efty has also become a much tastier target for spambots.

Because the different captcha solutions on the market today only solve part of the problem we decided to implement a solution that eliminates all possible spam and unidentified offers on your domain names. As of today, anyone making an offer on your domain through your Efty For-Sale landing pages has to verify their inquiry via email. This is a one-click process so we keep things incredibly easy for those submitting an offer on your domain name.

What this means for you is that any offer or inquiry that hits your inbox from now on is 101% guaranteed coming from the sender whose details you’ll find in the email.

Just to be sure, we’ve made sure to store any non-verified inquiries under Insights > Inquiries so you never have to be afraid to miss out on a potential lead.

This simple but effective solution should significantly increase your lead quality and weed out the vast majority of spam or trolls.

Here’s to better leads and more sales.

One thought on “Increased lead quality with verified inquiries.

  1. Is great , the problem is u cant contact with the buyer, all my emails goes to his spam folder ……. There should be a direct box negotiation with the buyer and seller, its really difficult to catch with the buyer if we cant comunnicate.


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