Help us pick the best domain name marketplace design.

Offering a customizable domain name marketplace and enable domain name investors to generate leads from end-users without paying a dollar in commissions has been one of the many drivers behind Efty’s success so far.

We are proud to host and manage domain name marketplaces for hundreds of domain name investors across the globe and sent thousands of offers and inquiries from end user buyers to our users every month.

Great domain names deserve a great marketplace

The custom marketplace is one of the features in Efty for which we receive a constant stream of request, ideas and suggestions. We’re listening to you!

A massive redesign of the custom marketplace is currently in the works and some of the many exciting new changes is that soon you will be able to specify your own color scheme, pick a background image from a gallery of high quality photos and last but not least showcase your domains with logos (if that’s your thing).

To get a fresh perspective on design options we decided to tap into the very talented design community over at 99Designs and hold a contest for a fresh new design that is professional, responsive and with great UX.


Here’s where you come in:

We’ve narrowed down 100+ submissions to eight designs and we need your help to decide on the very best. Head over to and leave your rating and comments.

Don’t forget to tell us why you like (or don’t like) the designs you’re rating! (And, yes, each will have a beautiful, mobile-friendly version.)

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