How important is a beautiful for-sale landing page when selling domains?

How important is a beautiful for-sale landing page when selling domains, and can you ask a premium price by doing so?

How important is a beautiful for-sale landing page when selling domains?

Think about Apple Stores — it’s less about the store and more about the experience.

Walk into any Apple Store and you’re greeted by a smiling, friendly sales person who is earnestly concerned with making you happy.

First impressions matter.

Then you’ll notice products are organized by table, gadgets are presented at the exact same angle, and you can touch and play with all of them.

Cables are neatly routed into holes to keep the experience simple. Fingerprints are wiped off the screens at regular intervals.

You could argue that there’s no difference between a Mac and a PC. They both run the exact same programs for gaming, design and office productivity.

Yet Apple is able to charge two, three, four times as much for their products than competing products from Microsoft and Google.

And check out how Apple stock performed in the past couple of decades:*

Now I realize that the stock performance is driven by many factors. That’s not lost on me.

But the fact remains that people love the Apple experience.

First impressions matter. Style matters.

So what can we learn from Apple as we think about our domain name for-sale landing pages?

First impressions matter. You want to be greeted by the web page with a specific call to action: this domain name is for sale.

If you are interested in buying this domain name, you’ve come to the right place.

There is no ambiguity. There are no advertisements displayed, no click bait, no confusing calls-to-action on what you want the user to do.

And style matters.

Beautiful graphics, sans serif fonts, and a customizable message focused on benefits makes potential buyers not only consider the opportunities but pay a premium for it.

You’d never see a dirty car for sale on a used car lot. You’d not consider going out on a first date without showering and combing your hair.

So if you want to get a premium price for your domain name, start with a beautiful design, greet your customers, describe how your domain name will benefit them, and have a clear call-to-action message.

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