From Emoji to Blockchain: 22 new Marketplace categories + matching For-Sale landing pages.

When we launched Efty we kicked off with an extensive list of categories users could assign to their domains and to list them under on their marketplace sites.  The list was based on a wide range of categories we sourced from some of the well-known domain name marketplaces and we thought it would be sufficient.

But domain name investors often are one of the first to spot and act on upcoming trends by registering domain names related to drones, IoT, cannabis, virtual reality and more recently cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Because of this, the number of requests to expand our list of categories increased steadily over the years.

Today I am happy to share that based on the most popular request we’ve added an additional 22 categories, bringing the total number of categories and matching For-Sale landing pages to a whopping 46.

Efty For-Sale landing page
Science: One of the 22 new categories

The newly added categories are:

If you’re still missing a category please feel free to reach out and let us know. We will do our best to add another batch later in the year. Keep in mind that Efty always allows you to upload your very own background image for your For-Sale landing pages in case you can not find the perfect landing page theme in our gallery.

We have many improvements and features planned for the Efty marketplace in the coming months so please stay tuned for more news!

2 thoughts on “From Emoji to Blockchain: 22 new Marketplace categories + matching For-Sale landing pages.

  1. Thanks for this much needed upgrade.

    1) Can we have a custom category feature so that one can create his/her own marketplace categories?
    2) Can you increase the number of categories to show on the homepage from 10 to 20?


    1. Hi Zameer, allowing users to create custom categories is by far the better solution. The challenge with this, however, is that our categories are currently “linked” to the For-Sale landing page themes. This doesn’t mean that we won’t build this feature in the future but for right now simply expanding the number of categories based on the most popular request was the single best thing we could do.

      The marketplace themes are designed for a max of 10 categories. If we would increase that number it would look rather strange. I’ll make sure we give this some further thought and see if there’s a way in which we can make that work in the future.


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