The🥇platform for Punycode. Efty 💘Emoji.

Emoji is the language of now.  Driven by the rise of mobile internet usage the use of emojis has exploded in popularity with people using them in their conversations on social media, messaging platforms and beyond.

Emoji domain names have been around for many years but it wasn’t until our friends at GoDaddy launched a search engine for emoji domains, making it easy to register them in the .ws extension, which gradually resulted in emoji domains becoming the very latest breakout trend in domain name investing.

One of the first users that started adding emoji domain names to the Efty platform was the author of The Definite Guide to Emoji Domains, our very own Michael Cyger. Since then thousands more Emoji domain names have been added to the platform and pretty quickly we realized that these cool looking domains were here to stay and we had to put in some efforts to make them and their owners feel completely at home at Efty.

Emoji at other marketplaces
My 🦄🚀💸.ws domain name listed on Afternic, Flippa and Uniregistry

While Emoji domain names are often listed in ugly Punycode on the major marketplace or cannot be listed at all (I’m looking at you, Sedo) at Efty your emoji domains will be published in all their glory.

So when a visitor types 🦄🚀💸.ws into their browser and this domain name lives at Efty this person will be welcomed by a slick looking For-Sale landing page that displays your emoji domain beautifully instead of the much less attractive, long and often confusing Punycode which is for this specific domain name.

Emoji domain name on Efty
We ❤️ emoji domains at Efty

And of course, all emoji domain names that you list on your Efty powered marketplace site (here’s mine) will be presented in the most attractive way so that buyers can envision the possibilities and the potential behind your domain name before hitting that Buy-It-Now button! 💸

We also made sure that emoji (and all other internationalized domain names) are being properly displayed in all offer and purchase confirmation emails towards yourself and your buyer as well as throughout the entire Efty application.

When adding emoji domain names to your Efty account you have to make sure you add them as Punycode and we will take care of the rest.

Here’s to more sales, 🥂

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