Pay-Per-Click Parking & Efty. Here’s the Magic Link.

An increasing number of domain name investors has been moving away from the traditional parked pages with pay-per-click advertising and choose to direct visitors to clear For-Sale landing pages instead. This makes sense considering a single domain name sale can easily outperform an entire year of one’s parking revenue, if not more.

But parking isn’t dead.

Previously developed domains with a large number of backlinks or typo-domains can bring in a significant profit from PPC clicks and most of us have a couple of these type of domains in our portfolio. Monetizing the traffic on these type of domain names makes perfect financial sense which is exactly why Efty has partner integrations with Bodis, ParkingCrew, Voodoo and Sedo.

But wouldn’t it be great if you are able to monetize your traffic domains with PPC ads and visitors to your domain name can still make an offer through a beautiful looking For-Sale landing page hosted on or your own, custom marketplace URL?

Well, you can. And it’s easy.

Most parking providers offer you an option to input a custom URL to replace the inquiry form which means you can route visitors that are interested in purchasing your domain name to your own Efty For-Sale landing pages, directly from the for-sale banner or hyperlink on your parked page. And to make things easy for you we’ve coded one universal URL that works on any parked page on the web.

When using the above URL on a parked domain, visitors will be redirected to the For-Sale landing page of the domain name on your own custom marketplace URL or, alternatively, an SSL-secure hosted For-Sale landing page on

You can control this under Settings > For-Sale landing pages in your account.

Parking providers that currently allow you to add a custom URL for the inquiry form include Uniregistry, Bodis, ParkingCrew and Voodoo.

Follow these steps to set this up at Uniregistry:

Uniregstry Custom link

Follow these steps to set this up at Bodis:

Bodis custom link

Follow these steps at ParkingCrew: - Dashboard - Edited

Follow these steps at Voodoo: - Dashboard - Edited

We hope this tip makes your life easier and more importantly, drives more offers and sales. Not using Efty yet? Sign up for a free, 30-day trial today.

5 thoughts on “Pay-Per-Click Parking & Efty. Here’s the Magic Link.

  1. That’s another great feature by That’s one good reason why is the leading domain management platform because they’re always learning their customers need and implementing it. Truly, I’m very happy with entire domain management system and platform. Again, it is fully responsive which means one can easily view, add or edit domains via smartphones and Ipads. Well done! Efty and thank you.


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