Your Marketplace Site Could Look Like This.

From novice to pioneers, Efty is the platform of choice for legions of domain name investors who are looking for beautiful For-Sale landing pages and a professional marketplace site without paying commision on sales.

At Efty we believe that your domain shop should be more than a public list of domain names from your portfolio. It’s your brand and your identity on the web as a domain name investor. It’s one of the first things a potential buyer checks when they land on your For-Sale landing pages or when you respond to an offer or inquiry via email.

We are immensely proud of the fast-growing number of marketplaces we power here at Efty and love seeing all the different designs and creative customization from our users across the four different themes we currently offer.

In this post, we share some examples of Efty-powered marketplace sites with the goal to inspire new and existing users and giving you a glimpse of what is possible by making use of the different customization options such as custom backgrounds, logos, and colors. – the power of a custom background image.


NamePerfect makes perfect use of the custom background image by using a background image that has a white top that blends into the white header of the site. The site uses the Borgen theme. – get creative with an animated (.gif) logo.

Did you know you can upload an animated version of your logo? Visit the domain marketplace to see this in action. The site uses the Eustatius theme. – be bold with bright colors.


Brandative created an attention-grabbing homepage for their marketplace by using a background image in the same bright purple that also comes back in their logo. The site uses the Sands theme. – keep it simple and clean.

Mighty Monikers

Mighty Monikers went with a minimalistic and clean design which really put the focus on their domain name inventory. The site uses the Emma theme. – stick to a niche.

Crypto Domains

Like their name suggests, Crypto Domains offers an exclusive selection of crypto domain names for sale. They haven’t done a whole lot of customization but made sure their logo, background image and color theme are perfectly in tune. The site uses the Borgen theme. – modern and unique.

Deli Domains

Deli Domains shows their inventory prominently above the fold and created modern looking logos for some of their best domains. The site uses the Emma theme. – be consistent.

Super Kings

The SuperKings marketplace site uses the same colors, fonts and logo format throughout the entire domain name shop. This makes the site structured and easy to navigate. It uses the Emma theme. – stick to a TLD is a premium marketplace with a focus on .nyc domain names which is the top-level domain for New York City. The site uses the Eustatius theme. – less is more


UK-based Wordr went for a minimalistic design in which they’re letting one color dominate the marketplace which results in a flat and fresh look & feel. The site uses the Eustatius theme.

Feeling Inspired? 

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