Escrow Pay. A Slicker and More Simple Integration of In Efty

Here at Efty, we have a longstanding relationship with the team at, and together we have helped people sell and buy thousands of domains over the years. 

Our current integration with the platform was one of the first integrations we brought to Efty and since then both companies have kept evolving and innovating. Many of you have been asking for a slicker and more simple integration of to remove as much friction as possible from the process for buyers.’s recently launched Escrow Pay API allows us to do exactly that.

This new integration removes friction from the escrow process because buyers are now redirected to a wizard on where they can complete an escrow transaction in a few easy steps.

Escrow Pay & EftyAt Efty we’re always looking for the most buyer-friendly workflow possible and this new streamlined checkout process allows us to do deliver on that while ensuring that sellers are protected from counterparty risk with no chargebacks, ever. At the same time, buyers can be assured that their money is safe and secure, held in trust, until they are satisfied they have received what they are paying for.

Another cool factor is that the new API allows us to send notifications within your Efty account once the status of your transaction updates. So you will be notified when funds have been received, an inspection period ends or when the transaction closes.

To get started, simply sign into Efty and add your emails under the Escrow Pay tab in your Settings > Integrations page. The old integration will remain for a short while but we highly recommend to switch to Escrow Pay if you’re currently using as your default payment provider for your Buy-It-Now domains across the Efty platform.

Once you have linked your account with Escrow Pay, you can update your default payment platform under Settings > Preferences or update individual domains or a segmentation of your portfolio through the portfolio editor or the CSV bulk editor tool (use escrow_pay as the definition instead of escrow in the CSV).

Set up better escrow. Win this watch! 

Apple Watch

And last but not least, to celebrate the new integration, has kindly offered to give away a brand new Apple Watch (series 4) to one lucky Efty user* who activates the Escrow Pay integration before the 18th of December 2018.

*Efty will pick a name by using an automated random name picker from a list of those who have linked their Escrow Pay account and have an active Efty subscription. Efty staff and investors are excluded.

5 thoughts on “Escrow Pay. A Slicker and More Simple Integration of In Efty

  1. Well done again! Always ahead and making sure both seller and buyer are secured and happy. Truly, is the best place to manage and sell domain names securely and with ease. Thank you Mr. Vermaat together with your good team and keep up the good work

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