Get Google Analytics Stats Without Leaving Efty.

Because we all know how important having the right data is to make the right decisions we already built a Google Analytics integration back in 2016. When you’ve set up this integration you already know how much traffic your For-Sale landing pages and/or marketplace are getting and where exactly those visitors are coming from.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get a quick snapshot of your visitors stats right within your Efty account?

As of today,  you can!

It’s super easy to activate. All you need to do to is go to Reports > Google Analytics in the main navigation of the application and click the orange “Access Google Analytics” button.

Acces Google Analytics

Once you’ve linked your Google account you can view visitors stats for all your Google Analytics accounts and properties right into Efty.

Google Analytics _ Efty - Edited

You can select the date range in the top right corner and get a quick snapshot of Sessions (visitors), popular pages (keep in mind this works best if your landing pages are hosted on, Sources, Medium, Devices, and Countries. To switch between Google Analytics accounts, you use the drop-down menu in the left-hand corner.

For more detailed insights you would still have to sign in to the Google Analytics website but we hope you like the ability to get your daily fix of traffic stats without having to leave Efty. As always, let us know what you think and if you need any help getting set up.

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4 thoughts on “Get Google Analytics Stats Without Leaving Efty.

  1. Hi Doron, you did it again Wow! what an important feature to add to the Efty platform. Thank you and your wonderful Team for making the best domain management and market platform. Keep it up is the best


    1. No doubt, this is a fantastic tool. Thanks to Efty Company Founder and CEO Mr. Vermaat and all the Geniuses behind this great domain portal.


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