Announcing Efty for Enterprise

Many of the large domain name portfolio holders have chosen to develop custom solutions to host their landing pages and or marketplace over the years or opted to use less-desirable PPC landing pages to be able to yield inquiries and offers for their domain names without having to pay a third-party marketplace commission.

The challenges that come with developing,  hosting and maintaining a custom solution are especially demanding for portfolios with a large amount of traffic and unless you have a developer on the payroll you often end up paying one on a regular basis for fixes and updates.

Many of these large portfolio owners have reached out to us over the years to explore the possibility of using Efty so I am super excited to announce that we are now able to support portfolios of up to 100,000 domains. Yes, that is quite the step up from the previous maximum number of domains in the Professional plan which stands at *just* 5000.

An Efty Enterprise plan enables al our white-label marketplace and For-Sale landing page options for almost any size portfolio without compromising on speed and simplicity, for a fixed, monthly fee.


As part of our Enterprise launch, we’ve integrated with Zapier, which brings the power of Efty to more than 1500 other applications such as SalesForce,, Hubspot, Slack, G-suite and Mailchimp. With Zapier you can create multi-step workflows that enrich your leads, trigger emails and tweets, compile robust spreadsheets and collect all kinds of useful data all while you sleep. Automate processes such as adding leads to your CRM, setting up an auto-reply for inquiries, or notify your team in Slack whenever you receive an offer or inquiry for a domain name.

Onboarding & Priority Support

Enterprise users will receive priority support as well as onboarding in which the Efty team assists with setting up the account, marketplace and uploading the portfolio. To receive a quote for your business please email us at [email protected] with the number of domains in your portfolio or email Doron Vermaat at [email protected] with any questions or to schedule a live demo.

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