Price Upon Request. An Alternative to “Make Offer” Landing Pages.

The last couple of days a large number of you have pointed us in the direction of a Tweet from domain name investor Rick Swartz. Rick aka the Domain King, has been investing in domain names since 1995 and is known for negotiating some of the largest domain name sales in history, with some of his deals including an equity stake in the company.

A skilled negotiator and true salesman, Rick knows a thing or two about extracting the highest value when selling a domain name and he also rightfully points out that wording, just like domains themselves, is very important.

At Efty, we’re already offering a myriad of For-Sale landing pages with different wording. You can choose between Make Offer, Buy-It-Now, Buy-It-Now & Make Offer and we even have a design that simply states “Contact us for business inquiries”. But we didn’t have a theme that allowed visitors to request a price. Yet.

As of today, a new section with three different “Price Upon Request” For-Sale landing pages can be found in your landing page theme gallery. Thank you, Rick, for the suggestion!

Price Upon Request For-Sale Landing Pages

Price upon request

See this theme live here.

Price upon request 1

See this theme live here.

Price upon request 3

See this theme live here.

Just like with all other For-Sale landing pages, Efty will give you access to all personal information entered by the inquiring party such as Name, Email address, Phone number, and the IP address allowing you to negotiate directly with the buyer, maximize the deal size and close each sales commission-free.

Not using Efty yet? Get started with a free trial account today.

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