Supercharge Your Sales with Efty’s DAN.COM Integration

As the only sales platform and soon-to-be marketplace in the domain name industry that has a unique software-as-a-service business model, instead of taking a commission on domain sales, our commitment to innovate and further improve Efty relies entirely on our customers.

Because Efty users are paying for the platform they truly are customers instead of the product itself. And it’s our customers who ultimately decide our development roadmap.

There’s always been a strong demand from our userbase for secure payment partners that can safeguard them during a frictionless domain name ownership transaction.  This has resulted in many partnerships over the years such as with, Payoneer Escrow (RIP) but also PayPal and Stripe. I am very excited to share that as of today we will be offering all our sellers an additional option: DAN.COM

Since it’s inception DAN.COM has handled over a whopping $100 million in domain name transactions and is the only marketplace in the domain industry that can handle domain transactions fully automated.

DAN.COM is a fellow Dutch company that launched as around the same time Efty came out of beta in 2015. We both exhibited at NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas from a tiny booth and both companies went on to innovate and gain significant market share in the following years as domain name investors moved away from Pay-per-click parking pages and on to better for-sale landing pages.

At Efty we support DAN.COM’s mission to create a more liquid and efficient domain name aftermarket and we’re excited to make DAN.COM’s frictionless escrow process, speedy payouts, and seller protection available for all Efty users. domain name is for sale. Inquire now.

Integrating DAN.COM into your Efty account allows you to display Buy-It-Now buttons on your For-Sale landing pages and/or Efty marketplace sites. Buyers will be redirected to a safe and secure checkout on the DAN.COM website where they can immediately pay for the domain with a wide range of payment methods that include credit card, PayPal, Alipay, Wire and Bitcoin.

All transactions from Efty sellers are processed by DAN.COM at an industry-low commission of 5%.

To set up your DAN.COM integration within Efty you will follow these simple steps.

3 thoughts on “Supercharge Your Sales with Efty’s DAN.COM Integration

  1. Hey Doron – Nice…

    What advantage(s) are there to me for using instead of as an escrow/payment processor?
    I am essentially paying a higher escrow fee (5% vs ~3%) and taking the user to a presumably less known/authoritative (to them) site to handle escrow/payment.

    When using, is there an additional fee for CC/Paypal payments (as there is with


  2. Hi Doron,
    Great work you are doing here.
    It will be appreciate if you can kindly include Nobo also (like Freshku) in the “Buy It Now only” option of the domain edit mode.
    Many thanks


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