Dialing for Dollars. Join Efty’s Brokerage Platform Beta.

Since it’s inception, Efty has enjoyed enormous popularity among deal-makers in the domain name industry who are confident in leading their own negotiations, from the opening offer all the way to the closing handshake and putting the deal in place. As we continued to grow over the years and the number of investors that started using Efty for marketing their domain name portfolios soared, we also started seeing a more diverse pool of sellers on our platform.

Some investors choose to solely focus on the acquisition of names and prefer to let someone else take care of dealing with the sales side of the business.

And then there’s many of you that are restricted by limitations such as language skills, time zones, demanding day jobs or simply a lack of sales experience or appetite to deal with end-users and can therefore benefit enormously from tapping into the expertise of a professional domain name broker.

Dialing for dollars.

Today I am excited to share that we will be making the first steps towards integrating a domain name brokerage platform into the Efty Investor application. We will be partnering with an industry-leading brokerage firm that will bring years of insights and insider knowledge to help you maximize each deal size.

Efty sellers that are opted in can assign incoming leads, inquiries and offers to an experienced domain name broker with a click of a button or choose to automatically assign all new leads to our brokerage partner for their entire portfolios.

Request an invite:

We’ll be rolling out invites soon for a selected number of paying users that are committed to help us test this exciting new platform in a closed beta. To get on the list, drop us an email at [email protected] with the subject line: Brokerage – and feel free to include a brief note about your domain name business and what you hope to get out of a brokerage platform.

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