Supercharge Your Sales with Efty’s Brokerage Integration.

Did you know that only 2% of sales close at the first contact? This leaves a whopping 98% of sales that require follow-up. On average, it takes an additional 5 follow-ups to close 80% of all remaining deals and within the domain name aftermarket, this is no different.

Back in November we shared we were working on integrating a domain name brokerage platform into the Efty Investor application and today I am excited to announce that we’re onboarding the first batch of sellers in a closed beta. During this period we’re partnering with a leading brokerage firm with a track record involving over $400 million in domain sales over the years and a deep industry knowledge to help you close and maximize deals:

Dialing for dollars.

Efty Investor subscribers that opt-in will be able to assign individual leads to the brokerage team and pay a competitive 15% commission (or $250.00 whichever is greater) upon the completion of a successful sale.

After setting a target and a floor price, you can forward new inquiries to the team with a click of a button and you can even assign older leads for their team to revive. brokers use several different techniques to increase the chances of securing a sale. They know how to roll up their sleeves and excel in following up consistently, qualifying buyers, and applying customized strategies for individual buyer profiles.

Request an invite

We’ll be sending out additional invites for a selected number of Efty Investor users in the coming weeks. To get on the list, drop us an email at [email protected] with the subject line: Brokerage

If you already requested an invite but don’t have access yet, stay tuned. We’re onboarding a batch of new sellers every day. 

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